Dr. Aktieva Tri Tjitrawati, S.H., M.Hum.

Kaprodi Sarjana

Dear Prospective Students and Respected Stakeholders,

Welcome to our website,  a media to provide you with information on Bachelor of Laws Programme. Our programme is the main study programme of Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Law. Established since 1952 as Surabaya branch of Universiteit Gadjah Mada Faculty of Law and Social Science and with the establishment of Universitas Airlangga in 1954, it became part of Universitas Airlangga. We are very proud with our glorious history, since the founders of the Faculty of Law were the prominents legal scholars who had significant contribution to the foundation of the Republic of Indonesia. Prof. Mr. A.G. Pringgodigdo, Prof. Mr. Koentjoro Poerbopranato, and Prof. Mr. Boedisoesetya were among others esteemed legal scholars who pioneered the first stage and laid solid foundation for the Faculty of Law.

Become the third oldest legal education institution in Indonesia, we are known for our tradition in educating and training young scholars to be jurists and professional lawyers with a strong knowledge and practicing skill in legal field. We educate our students to have a strong comprehension on national and international legal system and how it works and influences the society. The programme provides six focus of study that can be chosen by the third year students according to the their interest and ability on the certain field of legal study. The students may focus their study on business law, judiciary, governmental law, international law, or Islamic business law. Nevertheless, we also equip our students with embedded  ethical manner and behaviour. Many stakeholders testify their satisfaction on the performance of our graduates. They are known for their ability to analyze complex legal problems and provide appropriate legal solutions.

We have a strong commitment to provide our students and stakeholders with excellent legal education.  The quality of the programme has been acknowledged by the National Accreditation Agency with accredited “A” (excellent), with the last assessment was on 2016. The programme also certified by ASEAN University Network in 2015 and will be lasted on 2018. For this, we will maintain and commit to increase the quality from time to time.

In every year we welcome new students from various region in Indonesia. They come to learn jurisprudence with full of passion. In 2017, it becomes a special year since we initiate international class. The international class is special designed for domestic and international students to compete in international level, they are projected to fill positions in international law firms and international organizations.

In my brief remarks, let me invite you to join with us, to be our students and prepare you to be jurists and professional lawyers. Every jurist and lawyer is officer of justice, they are responsible to create a civilized society through law enforcement.