1. The topic of the thesis must be in accordance with the concentration area chosen by the student.
  2. Students may propose a thesis topic that crosses concentration areas, as long as it matches their chosen concentration area. For example, students with a concentration in Business Law may take a thesis topic related to licensing for business activities (which is from the concentration area of Government Law), or students with a concentration in International Law may take a topic of international criminal law/transnational criminal law which is related to criminal law (from the concentration area of Judicial Studies).
  3. When students input the Thesis course in their course plan, they have to have completed the course to which the topic of the thesis is related.
  4. Students take the Thesis Proposal Examination Application Form (FS.01) from the Academic Subdivision.
  5. The completed form is submitted to the Head of Department in charge of the selected thesis topic with four copies of the thesis proposal manuscript attached at the latest one week after the Revised Course Plan Sheet (KPRS).
  6. Head of Department proposes a Proposal Examiner Team that is appropriate for th
  7. A Proposal Examiner Team consists of one Chief Examiner and two Examiners.
  8. The FS.01 that has been completed and signed by Head of Department is submitted to the Academic Subdivision to be processed and submitted to Vice Dean I for the issuance of letter of notification of thesis proposal examination (FS.02). Vice Dean I has the authority to confirm or change the proposed Proposal Examiner Team.